Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Pint Glass
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Rocks Glass

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Glasses

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America Rocks!

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Celebrate America's Independence with this NEW limited-edition glass from BenShot!

Featuring the powerful and timeless words spoken by Patrick Henry during the American Revolution, these handcrafted glasses are perfect for anyone who loves libertyfreedom, and the United States of America!

Designed and laser engraved in-house, each glass is high-quality, unique, and handcrafted in our glass workshop in Wisconsin. All packaging and raw materials are made in the USA.

Choose from a 16oz pint glass embedded with a 0.50BMG bullet or an 11oz rocks glass embedded with a 0.308 bullet.

Don't miss this limited edition glass. Once they sell out, they're gone for good.