The perfect Mother&
My Badass Mom drinks from a Rocks Glass with A bullet in it
The best beer pint for Mom&

"Bulletproof Mom" Drinking Glasses - Perfect Mother's Day Gift for Badass Mom's

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You can get your mom flowers for Mother's Day if you like, but deep down, you know your mom is a badass. Some moms like beer, and some like wine. 

So, do the right thing and buy her something badass this year.

Mom's love us all, love them back with everything you have in your heart and soul. Tell them that you love them. 

The BenShot "Bulletproof Mom" glass is hand-embedded with a real, lead-free, solid copper bullet.

Each glass is high-quality, unique, and handcrafted in our glass workshop in WisconsinAll packaging and raw materials are made in the USA. 

Rocks and wine glasses are embedded with a .308 caliber bullet and pint glasses are embedded with a .50 caliber machine gun bullet.

Each bullet is manufactured from a pure piece of copper by Lehigh Defense in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

Our Mom likes Whiskey, and she drinks it from a rocks glass with a Bullet in it. - yeah, she's a total badass.

We take pride in each glass we make!